About our lanterns

Every handmade taiwan-lantern has a unique character. Whether for your home, office, or as a gift, it transforms any environment into a relaxing ambience.


Our lanterns in all their details reveal a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and transform bamboo and fabric into the stunning taiwan-lantern. Taiwan-lanterns are made from Makino bamboo which has extraordinary pliant quality and beautiful fabrics with new sewing technology. Each one of them is handmade and therefore unique. There are 3 collections matched with 5 shapes and up to 5 different sizes for you to combine.

The 3 collections

Taiwan Lantern launches with 3 collections: New Vintage, Brush Painting and Floral Prints.

New Vintage

These poetic hand-dyed fabric lanterns are inspired by old-style oiled rice paper, which gives you an old world cozy atmosphere. Each lantern is unique.

Brush painting

Chinese Brush Painting is full of symbolic expression such as prosper, peace, long life.. Every Brush Painting lantern is painted by a traditional Taiwanese artist, each one is unique.

Floral Prints

Lovely bright and colorful lanterns with typical Taiwanese floral patterned fabrics. They will brighten their environment and bring happiness into every space.

5 Different shapes and sizes

There are 5 shapes of lanterns available: Mandarin-, Oval-, Pumpkin-, Diamond- and Bucket- shape lanterns. Each shape comes in different sizes from S to 2L.


How we measure the size

To determine the size of the lantern, we measure the width (W) and height (H) of the lantern. For example: a mandarin shaped lantern in size XS is: 23w x 17h cm. Apart from the lantern itself, each lantern has a hanging clip on the top and tassel in the bottom.

Instructions and assembling

For more instruction information please click here