About us

We are a specialty lantern company based in Amsterdam. Our passion is to create authentic handmade lanterns with the heart and soul of Taiwan.

A symbol of oriental culture

For centuries, lanterns have played an important role in oriental culture. Do you know the first lantern was created by a Chinese military strategist? It was used for giving signals during war. Later lanterns have been commonly used for decoration, also at significant occasions, such as festivals, celebrations, weddings and deaths.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture when people celebrate a time of successful harvest. Apart from eating moon-cake, people write wishes on a white paper lantern, and release it to the sky. It is believed that the good wishes or messages placed are being carried to the gods.

The use of the lantern is still evident nowadays. The most common lantern is colored red. In oriental culture, red has a deeper meaning. Red lanterns bring happiness and warmth that reunite families especially on Chinese New Year's Day. It also stands for energy, birth and marriage.

Lanterns are not simply for lightning, they have become a symbol of oriental culture.

Authentic lantern since 1947

Since 1947, our factory has maintained the quality and the craftsmanship and also continually developing new innovative lanterns, without sacrificing the charm of tradition.

The traditional Taiwanese lantern was made of oiled rice paper, bamboo and a small candle. To improve the strength, taiwan-lantern uses fabric to replace paper.

Instead of replacing the frame with aluminum alloy or steel wires, taiwan-lantern remains true to its founding principles by keeping a bamboo framed lantern. We believe that only a bamboo frame gives the lantern heart and soul!.

Our factory is located in a small town, in the central parts of Taiwan. It is also the home of the great Makino bamboo. Makino bamboo cultivated here is known for its extraordinarily pliant quality. It has beautiful hue, and is finely grained, solid, and flexible, making it a superior material for the art of weaving bamboo lanterns. Therefore our lantern has a stronger structure and is more flexible and resilient.